Respect lockdown: Ayushmann

Ayushmann Khurrana has appealed to all Indians to be patient through the extended lockdown period because this is the only effective way that we can stop the spread of COVID-19.

‘ We all are at risk due to coronavirus and we have to be patient to beat its spread. Nothing compares to the pain of losing lives and I urge every citizen of the country to stay at home to protect themselves and their loved ones. Respect the national lockdown till May 3rd and don’t flout the rules laid down by the government because the power is with us to save our lives and the lives of many others,’ said Ayushmann.

The actor requested each citizen to maintain the same resolve and dedication during lockdown 2.0, as they showed during the initial 21-day lockdown.

He added: ‘Every citizen of India is facing difficulties at various levels, every citizen is anxious but we all have been persistent in trying to keep the virus at check. Only we can help India win over coronavirus and protect the lives of millions of people. Let us be compassionate, let our resolve not waver, let our focus to make India win not waver. Each one of us has to maintain strict vigil to control the situation and help India return back to normalcy.’