To dismiss Sachin was difficult: Gillespie

Mumbai: It was difficult to get both Sachin and Lara out, but Sachin Tendulkar was a bit harder to dislodge than Brian Lara, said former Australia fast bowler Jason Gillespie.

The Aussie rated Indian batting legend Tendulkar along side West Indies’ Lara as the toughest batsman to dismiss in his career.

Two different types of players, two equally difficult to get out. I always felt, Sachin was probably a little bit harder to dislodge, in terms of getting his wicket, but I didn’t feel he would take you apart, in quite the same way as Brian.

I always felt I was in with more of a chance to get Brian out because he was a bit more expansive, with his game. But I found Sachin’s defence was very hard to get through,’ Gillespie said on Cow Corner Chronicles.

“Look two fine players, I am just really glad that I don’t have to bowl to them anymore. They were just far too good. It was actually for me personally was quite an honour, for all those names that I just mentioned. It’s quite an honour for me to be able to sit here and talk to you and say that I bowled against these guys.It was a wonderful time to be a cricketer, got to bowl against the best in the world. For me that was very satisfying,” added Gillespie.