Chennaiites rise to the occasion during crisis

Chennai: During the lockdown, the need is more and the help is limited. But, some  residents of the city are refusing to take the backseat and are doing what they can to ensure no one goes hungry or helpless.

Distribution of face masks, food packets and grocery kits, taking the needy to the hospital and sanitising the neighbourhood are the works being done by them.

Vatsala Parthasarathy, a resident of Journalists Colony in Thiruvanmiyur, has been making masks and handing them over to people in her neighbourhood.

‘I thought it would be helpful for the watchmen, sweepers and domestic helps’, she said.

Former principal of a school, tailoring is her passion. She makes the masks with cotton, which is reusable unlike the surgical masks. After finishing her household chores, she sits down to make them.

Recently, a hospital gave her the material and she made 100 masks for them in a week’s time.

Many labourers, who are without jobs, are finding it difficult to find food. For them, the generosity and thoughtfulness of Tansi Nagar Welfare Association, Velacheri, comes as a relief.

M Balakrishnan, the secretary of the association says, from 27 March we began helping many in need. On a daily basis, breakfast and lunch are served for 200 persons. For 80 persons, they handed out grocery kits, including rice, dal, oil and masalas. Each kit is worth Rs 500. They are distributing a number of face masks too.

Similarly, Annai Indira Nagar Residents Welfare Association in Velacheri has come to the relief of many.

Apart from distributing 1500 masks and giving grocery kits to sanitary workers, it has also contributed to annadhanams.
Kumararaja, vice-president of the association says, they made sure that the locality is sanitised with 25 kilograms of bleaching powder. He also volunteers in taking senior citizens and pregnant women to the hospital for scans and check-ups.

‘I keep gloves and sanitisers in my car and clean the car thoroughly before and after they enter,’ he says.

On behalf of Chitlapakkam Muthulakshmi Nagar Welfare Association, its president L Sundaraman and other members gave financial assistance to the tune of Rs 51,000 to Panchayat staff, who have been working hard during these tough times.

Naomi N