‘Jyothika should apologise for hurting Hindu beliefs’

Actress Jyothika’s remarks about Thanjavur Big temple at a recent award function has hurt the sentiments of Hindus.

Speaking at the event, Jyothika, said, ‘One wonders why such a huge amount was spent on Big temple (Lord Brahadeeswarar temple) in Thanjavur’.
Going further, she urged people not to offer money as offerings to hundis kept across temples and rather use it for charity works.

Her comments have not gone down well with many. Speaking to News Today, Kannan, a retired government employee, says, ‘I was watching the show in a TV channel last weekend. Jyothika’s remarks did shock me. They showed clearly that she knew nothing about Tamil culture and our tradition. High time she learns it. ‘

Tamilkumaran, a scholar, says, ‘Born and brought up outside Tamilnadu, she has no clue about Big temple. It is our pride. High time she learns about them from her father-in-law and a good orator Sivakumar’.

Going further, he says, ‘Money offered to hundis actually help feeds many hungry people. It is sad that Jyothika had spoken without knowing anything. She speaks about charity. Will she or her husband do movies without taking money or allow people to watch their movies in cinema halls free of cost? Such comments hurting sentiments of people belonging to one particular community are very harmful’.

NT Bureau