With TN crossing 2,000-mark, govt in Catch-22 situation

Chennai: The Tamilnadu government has to address two key issues now- It has to ease lockdown restrictions post 3 May, but should also take steps to prevent the spread of coronavirus, which has crossed 2,000-mark in the State.

“A detailed strategy is being worked out and plans will be revealed by this weekend,” sources in the know said. An all time high of 121 fresh cases were reported on Tuesday as the total number of positive cases in Tamilnadu crossed the 2,000 mark, even as the toll rose to 25 with the death of a COVID infected patient.

A bullet in issued by the Health and Family Welfare department here said a 68-year-old man died at a private hospital on Tuesday taking the toll to 25, which was 1.21 per cent of the total cases.

A total of 121 positive cases were reported–the highest on a single day so far–as the total number of cases mounted to 2,058, even as positive cases in Chennai more than doubled when compared to Monday’s 47.


NT Bureau