Women, keep yourselves healthy this Mothers’ Day

Chennai: Mothers in India are the custodians of family health and play a critical role in maintaining the overall well-being of the family members.

With the hectic lifestyles that our mothers follow, their own health often takes a backseat.

This Mother’s Day, let’s salute our mothers and help towards building their health. Making small yet impactful changes in our mother’s diets, can go a long way in building their overall health.

Adding a handful of almonds to the diet is a good way to start, as they not only serve as a nutritious snack, but have also been shown to impart a number of health benefitssuch as weight management, heart health, skin health and diabetes.

Actress Soha Ali Khan,said, “I believe it’s equally important for us to treat our own health as priority, along with that of our families. As mothers, we tend to neglect our own health and give our family’s interest and health utmost importance. For mothers with a hectic work schedule and a family to look after, eating right should be a priority.”

Actor Milind Soman, said, “Our worlds begin and end with our mothers – and even by observing them, we learn so much about health and wellness. A lot of my healthy habits came from my mother. While I was growing up, she ensured I began my day on a healthy note by adding almonds to my breakfast.”


NT Bureau