Home chores joke video led to discord in newly-wedcouple

Bhopal: A joke about men doing household chores amid the coronavirus-induced lockdown led to a fight between a Madhya Pradesh couple about to get married, with the discord finally getting resolved after reaching the Bhopal family court and its counselor.

An official said the apology from the man’s side included a voluntary promise that he would remain a “joru ka ghulam” (an expression often used crudely for men under the thumbs of their wives).

“The woman and man were to get married on May 20. She sent him a video which centred on a joke about men working like maids in the lockdown. However, this did not go down well with the man, and his reaction, that he did not belong to such category of men, led to the woman deciding to call off the marriage,” Bhopal district family court counselor Sarita Rajani said on Monday.

“The families of the man and woman approached the family court, and after four days of counseling, the woman changed her mind. The man said he did not believe his reaction would cause so much hurt and he too apologised in front of everyone,” Rajani said.

“The man also wrote ‘mai joru ka ghulam banke rahunga’ (I will be my wife’s slave) and that he loved her a lot as part of the apology. The apology was voluntary and no one had asked for it,” she added.

The couple, working in a private firm in Mumbai, is scheduled to marry on 10 June, Rajani informed.