Wipro’s new offering during Covid-19 times

Chennai: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has announced the launch of Wipro SafewashAnti-Germ Liquid Detergent ‘with 99 per cent germ protection formula’.

‘Safewash Anti-Germ is a pioneering solution tofor germ protection for fabrics, ensuring that clothes are not only fresh and clean but also germ-free,’ said a release here.

S Prasanna Rai, vice-president, marketing, Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting while talking about the product said, “Consumers are using masks, gloves, carrying sanitisers when they are on-the-go and using surface disinfectants to protect themselves. However, besides these precautions it is important to keep one’s clothes germ-free as fabric can be germ carrier. Acknowledging the increasing need for germ-free protection,Wipro Safewash launched the anti-germ liquid detergent.”


NT Bureau