Strategic approach needed to train employees post Covid-19: Expert

Vijaykumar Jayaram

Chennai: Strategies are primary business intelligence plans with a long-term agenda. They hold all the secondary tactical plans which act as guidelines for day- to-day operational planning and work flows.

Speaking to News Today, professor Vijaykumar Jayaram, says, “If we look at the impact of Covid-19 on the Indian economy, we would get a scary picture if we do not understand that the economies of nearly 184 countries are interdependent on each other for sustaining their comparative advantages in the first place. A win-win situation is the basis of international trade. And when we zero down upon the pandemic impact on the various companies in different industries and their respective sectors, we would find four corporate positions of the resulting or surviving companies, see picture (positions A, B, C, D).”

“Given the known conditions and economic stimulus packages, now in India, the recession which is likely to be followed by a marginal depression, only to bounce back next year, depends on two vital force-field factors. They are mapped as reductions on a scale of low to high”.

“The revenue resumption and rate of acceleration post lockdown period depends on the returning of respective economies to their normalcy. Although questionable, we may say this varies from industry to industry. The essential goods and services industries, did function quite decently even during the lockdown, and they did so at least by pushing out their finished inventories,” he says and adds, “Reduction in employee engagement and morale is obvious due to lockdown and the fatal scares at which the pandemic started”.

“Different opinions and experiences are heard but nevertheless, depending on the sector and companies employee engagement and morale remained high for example in the essential services like power generation, hospitals, telecommunications, fuel distribution, pharmaceuticals, private security, banking, news and print media etc., The IT companies which did not depend on their work flows being affected by national or international lockdowns continued to work virtually. Of course tourism, hotels, life style malls, entertainment locations and the transportation sector took a severe beating from corona.”

“Most organisations have already ‘zoomed in’ to keep in touch with their staff and associates. Seeing the progress of Zoom App, Google not to be outdone has now freed its Google Meet App and now there is no need for a user or moderator to hold a G-Suite account. It’s a corona free world on the internet”.

VKJ adds, “Motivational talk(s) boosting the morale, creating effective relationships and empathy, low cost and highly effective Social Hygiene techniques and immunity building steps to revitalise corporate health, training on new work flow products or health security Apps, organizational restructuring SOPs, for new terrains resulting from changes in infrastructure and markets if any, resuming the pre-lockdown training budgets with some modifications or improvements and workshops on the new order of employee savings, medical and other insurances, career development, performance management and a new quality in work life balance are important”.