Kaakha Kaakha to get a sequel?

Actress Jyotika hinted at the possibility of a sequel to Kaakha Kaakha in a recent interview.

Jyotika was asked her about the sequel and she replied, ‘Yes, we (Suriya and I) will definitely do Kaakha Kaakha 2. But, Gautham has to come with a script first and then we will decide.’

Jyotika’s words on Kaakha Kaakha 2 went viral on social media with several fans requesting Gautham Menon to come up with a thrilling story.

In his recent interviews, Gautham Menon confirmed that he will do a film with Suriya and is yet to narrate a script to him. Years ago, Gautham Menon and Suriya, who were best friends, parted ways owing to creative differences. They buried the hatchet and agreed to join hands soon.