Karaikal twins launch video on martial arts practice during lockdown

K Sri Harini and K Sri Vishakan

Chennai: Karaikal-based 10-year-old twins K Sri Vishakan and K Sri Harini who are international champions in Karate have released a video about easy learning of karate to keep active children who are struck at homes due to Corona lockdown.

Like the other children who are blocked due to lockdown, these two were no exception but they thought of releasing the video about easy learning of martial arts like karate, silambam, nungsak etc. with simple procedures and practice.

The children who watch these videos will also get the motivation to do the same in order to give good exercise to their body. At the same time, the children’s health will be protected as they were glued to television and mobile phone games.

The twins have won more than 200 awards and they are the first twins who had created world records at their tender age, it is claimed.


NT Bureau