Reopening of mosques may be delayed: Prince of Arcot to govt

Chennai: At a meeting convened by the Chief Secretary to the government of Tamilnadu K Shanmugam at the Secretariat Wednesday, by inviting the representatives of various religions to consider their views, on reopening of religious places of worship in the State, from 8 June, the Prince of Arcot, Nawab Mohammed Abdul Ali said, “let us wait and watch the prevailing condition of the spreading of the coronavirus for a month and decide on the reopening of mosques since the virus is rapidly spreading in the city of Chennai, compared to the other districts in the State.”

He also said, “prevention is better than cure” and recalled the Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s advice to the people that “Jaan hai to jahan hai” (if life is there, world is there).

The Prince of Arcot suggested to the State government to also delay the reopening of schools and colleges since children and students are more prone to be infected by the virus.


NT Bureau