What led to exorbitant electricity bills?

Chennai: After News Today published on its website a story on concerns raised by electricity consumers who complained that they have been charged more than thrice the amount of what they usually pay, TNEB came out with a clarification Wednesday evening, saying that people are only being billed for what they had consumed.

It also asked them to contact its near office in case of doubts or clarifications. According to TANGEDCO, since its assessors would not be able to note meter readings due to the Covid-19 situation, domestic consumers were asked to pay the bill according to their bill for January-February. Sources said now that assessors have resumed taking readings, consumers are billed for accumulated readings.

The issue was highlighted in the social media as well, as several users started posting about the variation in the amount they have received in the past few months. This was triggered after actor Prasanna posted about how he had to pay seven times the amount of what he usually pays.

“How many of you feel #TNEB is on a looting spree amidst this COVID lockdown?,” the actor tweeted.

Later, speaking to a television channel, he said, “Usually I get EB bill for Rs 10,000. But this time it is around Rs 70,000. I enquired with my friends and relatives who also said that they have received high bills as well. I am able to afford it and I paid it. What about those who are already facing cash crunch,” he said.

Speaking to News Today, a senior TANGEDCO official said that there was no mistake or malpractice in the electricity bills.

“In many places, readings are being taken only now after January. This could be one of the reasons behind the issue. All bills are system generated and there is no chance of anything going wrong in it. Since most people are at home during peak summer, the usage has increased resulting in high bills. If they find any discrepancy, they can contact their nearest EB office,” he said.


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