1,000 more doctors to join TN’s fight against Coronavirus

Chennai: From March, the city has been battling Coronavirus, with doctors and nurses in the frontline.

During the fight, many doctors contracted the viral infection and for the past many days the number of Covid-19 cases has been in an upward trajectory calling for the need of additional doctors into service.

The government is in the process of hiring more doctors to tackle the situation. At least 1,000 more doctors will soon be in service on Covid-19 duty.

Speaking to News Today, DrĀ  P Balakrishnan, convener of Federation of Government Doctors Association, said, “These are post graduate (non-service) doctors These 1000-odd doctors will be posted on Coronavirus duty because of the crisis situation.”

Separately, through Medical Recruitment Board (MRB), the government will be posting 226 doctors in the coming days. A week ago, it was also decided that 300 plus doctors will be hired on a contract basis.

However, Dr Balakrishnan said they have opposed the decision to hire doctors on a contract basis.

“They can be hired through MRB on a temporary basis. In medical field it is not appropriate to hire on a contract basis,” he said.

Even as the Covid numbers in the city are shooting up, Dr Jayakumar of Government Stanley Hospital said that unlike places such as Mumbai and Delhi, the patients are not in a critical situation and are showing impressive recovery rate.


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