‘Can’t compare Kohli and Rohit’

New Delhi: Former England batsman Kevin Pietersen recently said that he would pick Virat Kohli even over Sachin Tendulkar when compared on the ability to win games while chasing.
And now, former Australia spinner Brad Hogg has picked Kohli over Rohit Sharma for his ability to finish run chases. But he went on to add that the two cannot be compared as their roles are different. Replying to a question on his YouTube channel, Hogg said: ‘Well, it is Kohli because he is more consistent when India has the big run chases. When India is batting second, he stands up and delivers.
But you really cannot compare the two as they have different roles. Rohit’s role is to be aggressive against the new ball bowlers when field restrictions are at their least. Kohli’s role is to bat through the innings and make sure he is there at the end. So, they complement each other.’