TN crossed 30,000 mark with 1,458 new cases

Chennai: In yet another day of a big spike in Covid-19 numbers, Tamilnadu today posted 1458 new cases, taking the total number of affected persons in the State to 30,152.

Chennai alone today reported 1,146 new infections and the total number of coronavirus patients in the metropolis has touched 20,993, according to a bulletin released by the State Health department.

Death toll in the State due to the pandemic stood at 251 today. On the other hand, 633 patients were dishcarged after recovery from various hospitals in Tamilnadu today. With this, the total number of recoveries in the State stands at 16.395.

This has come on a day when the Tamil Nadu government fixed rates for COVID-19 treatment in private hospitals.

In a statement here, Health Minister Dr C Vijayabaskar said the per day maximum charge has been fixed at Rs 7,500 for those who do not have any symptoms or with slight symptoms in Grade A1 and A2 hospitals and Rs 5,000 for Grade A3 and A4 hospitals.

For admission in ICU, the per day maximum charges were fixed at R .15,000 for A1, A2, A3 and A4 hospitals.

He said the rates fixed were the maximum charges and the hospitals should not levy over and above the rate fixed by the government.