Consuming certain foods has higher likelihood of causing adult acne: Study

Chennai: A latest study has found that consuming certain foods has a higher  likelihood of causing adult acne.

The study published in JAMA Dermatology involved the observation of 24,542 French  adults between November 2018 and July 2019.

The participants were given a questionnaire at the beginning of the study where  they were categorised into three groups: people who had never had acne, those who  had past acne (but not at present) and those who had acne currently.

A 24-hour dietary record of the participants was taken once every six months on a  random basis. The participants reported everything they ate from midnight to the  following midnight and were even asked to share portion by measuring exact grams  and litres.

Of the 31,539 individuals who completed the questionnaire, only 24,452 were finally  included in the study because they had completed at least three dietary records,  had a normal calorie intake, and had reported their acne status. About 75 percent  of the participants were women. Milk, sugar and fat is the enemy of glowing skin,  it is claimed.

The findings of this study indicate that adults with an unhealthy dietary pattern —  who eat more carbs and saturated fats in the form of milk, sugary foods and drinks,  and fatty foods — are at a much higher risk of suffering from adult acne.


NT Bureau