Chennai hospital records highest birth of babies amid lockdown

Chennai: Gleneagles Global Health City, Chennai, the largest facility among the Gleneagles Global Hospitals Group, has recorded the birth of 125 babies amid the gloom of Covid-19 pandemic.

Among the 125 births, most were normal deliveries. According to a press release, the obstetric and gynaecology department headed by Dr Padmapriya Vivek has attained this milestone by following all the international protocols for safe delivery practices during these testing times.

“Covid-19 has put extreme stress and pressure on the expectant mothers and their families. It was quite challenging to prevent cross infection among patients, but we efficiently prevented the infection spread using highest standards of safety”, said Dr Padmapriya.

Since pregnancy is a time when immunity is low, patients are advised to take utmost care possible for their own sake as well as for their baby’s health. A painless option such as epidural analgesia was administered to the to-be mothers which aided in comfortable delivery, she added.

Patients were advised healthy nutritious food including green leafy vegetables, pulses etc., and were suggested to include adequate proteins in their daily diet.

Vitamin D was given as a supplement as it acts as a protective factor against Covid-19. Expectant mothers were also taught antenatal exercises that could be done at home as they were scared to go out for a walk.

To prevent infection transmission among the patients, separate labour rooms were provided.


NT Bureau