Covid centre at Anna University: Officials say students’ belongings will be safe

Chennai: Anna University officials today said that students need not worry about their belongings at the hostel.

Officials said that the belongings of the students are safe and nothing will happen without their knowledge.

It may be noted that the Greater Chennai Corporation has commenced works to convert Anna University hostel rooms into Covid 19 care centre with atleast 2,000 beds.

Following the issuance of notice by the Corporation under the Disaster Management Act to hand over hostels for development of care centres, Anna University refused to hand them over hostel rooms of students and research scholars as they had left behind research papers and materials, apart from their valuables in hostel rooms.

However, Chennai Corporation Commissioner G Prakash said the District Disaster Management Authority has the powers under the Act to take over any building for disaster response.

The Corporation would pack the valuables, videograph them and hand over the materials to the university. But the research scholars and students opposed the move to vacate the rooms in their absence as the risk of damage to valuable materials was high.


NT Bureau