How fit are you to go back to work?

Chennai: With the corporate and manufacturing sector set to buzz again and as the workforce prepare to get back to their work places, organisations with large number of staff members want to make sure their employees are all healthy and infection-free.

In the backdrop of this, Medall Diagnostics has launched the ‘Back to Work’ health check-up package to assess the workforce for their health condition and if the employees are free from any infections / illness.

According to a press note, the ‘Back to Work’ package serves as the first step in ascertaining the health condition of an individual and evaluating his/her preparedness to be back at their workplaces.

Arjun Ananth, CEO, Medall, says, “This virus is constantly evolving and in case of any contact or the slightest doubt, a RT PCR is the gold standard. We set up a program for employers and work continuously with them. Overall wellness of employees should be the centrepiece of discussions and we will play a proactive role in this.”


NT Bureau