‘Share trophy if game is tied’

Auckland: The International Cricket Council (ICC) had attracted a barrage of criticism after England was declared winner in the World Cup final against New Zealand on boundary countback after the tie in regulation period and subsequent Super Over.

That forced the ICC to tweak the rule which will allow repeated Super Overs in the semi-finals and final until the winner is decided. However, Taylor sees a lot of merit in sharing the trophy if the game is tied.

I’m still undecided in a Super Over in a one-day game, I think one-day cricket is played over such a long time that I have no problems in a tie being a tie,”Taylor said.

In T20, to continually go on is the right way to go. A bit like football or some other games, trying to get that win in, but I don’t think the Super Over is necessarily needed in a one-day game. I think you can have a joint winner

Considering the length of the one-day game, Taylor feels tie is a fair outcome.

During the World Cup I actually went up to the umpires to say ‘good game’, I didn’t even know there was a Super Over. A tie is a tie, I suppose you could have this argument either way, but in a one-day game I think if you can go 100 overs and still have someone equal at the end I don’t think a tie is a bad thing.

New Zealand is not exactly Super Over specialist, having lost seven out of eight across formats.