Three cheers for Nepolean in Hollywood

Actor Nepoleon,  who acted in more than 100 films and served as MP, MLA and Union minister, is happy at the response for his  maiden Hollywood release Devil’s Night that hit the screens in OTR platforms across USA and Canada.

Speaking to News Today, Nepolean, says, Devil’s Night is a horror thriller.  I portray the role of  a museum curator. It has lots of CG works.  I am proud that I could make it to Hollywood. Thanks to my producer Tell Ganesan, I have committed to act in a couple of more movies in Hollywood’.
Asked about how it was speaking the dialogues in American accent English, he says, ‘It was tough initially. I got used to it now. Moreover, it was live recording and no question of correcting the diction during dubbing as the case in Tamil films. So, I do my rehearsals before shoot’.

Asked if he would venture to politics again in Tamilnadu, Nepolean, says, ‘ I had moved to the US . My wife and I want to look after our elder son who has been affected with muscular dystrophy and we have the facilities he needs in the US to lead a life like other normal individuals. There are many aspiring youngsters who should come to politics. I think we should give way for them’.

On his part, executive producer of the movie, Tel Ganesan, says, ‘ Though we planned to release the movie big in theatres, the corona outbreak played spoilsport. Theatres are shut. So we chose to release in OTT. The response has been good here and we are now planning a digital premiere across the globe gradually’.

The habit of watching movies in theatres came down gradually in recent years. Now Covid has increased fears. OTT takes movies to people’s drawing rooms. Though we would have been thrilled releasing movies in theatres and enjoying with audience, the current situation has made us opt for OTT’.