Amazon eliminates single-use plastic in its facilities

Chennai: Amazon India has taken several steps to achieve complete elimination of single-use plastic in its own fulfilment network.

The first milestone towards this goal was achieved in December 2019 when the company replaced plastic packaging material, such as bubble wraps and air pillows, with ‘paper cushion’ in its packaging.

The company then introduced 100 per cent plastic-free and biodegradable paper tape earlier this year, whichis used to seal and secure customer shipments.

Additionally, the company has replaced thin cling films for customer deliveries among other materialwith packagingoptions that are not single-use plastic in nature.

“All other plastic packaging material originating from the Amazon Fulfilment Centers is now 100 per cent recyclable through available collection, segregation and recycling channels.Amazon India continues to educate sellers, who directly fulfil customer orders, to join in this directional change in packaging,” said a press note.


NT Bureau