What to expect from Modi’s address to nation today?

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi is all set to address the country for the second time in the span of three days (after Mann Ki Baat on Sunday).

It is expected that he would make some crucial announcements to the public to lift the economy and to help the poor.

This would be the PM’s sixth address to the nation since the outbreak of the pandemic. On covid-19, he had urged the people to be more vigilant in the unlock phase and take necessary precautions, stressing that not doing so will put at risk their lives and those of others.

During his Sunday Mann ki Baat address, the Prime Minister said, “The world has seen India’s commitment to protecting its borders and sovereignty. In Ladakh, a befitting reply has been given to those eyeing our territories.”

He said that India knows the true value of friendship but also knows how to give a befitting reply if the situation demands.

“India bows to our brave martyrs who lost their lives in Ladakh. Their valour will always be remembered,” he added.


NT Bureau