Covid-19 drug price goes up in India by 50%

Chennai: The National Pharmaceutical Pricing Authority (NPPA) has given nod to a one-time price increase of 50 per cent on the present ceiling price of Heparin injection — used in treatment of Covid-19 patients

A decision in this regard has been taken after shortage in supply of raw material for the injection from China and substantial hike in its input cost hit the companies manufacturing the drug in India. However, the price increase is temporary and will be applicable up to 31 December, 2020.

It is learnt that  pharmaceutical companies have also approached the drug pricing watchdog seeking price increases for various other essential medicines like paracetamol formulations and antibiotics on similar grounds.

It is to be noted that heparin was among several drugs flagged by the Health Ministry as essential medicines that needed to remain in stock while the country battled the ongoing Covid-19 pandemic.


NT Bureau