Chennai Police Commissioner interacts with public over WhatsApp video call

Chennai: A day after he assumed charge as Greater Chennai Police Commissioner, Mahesh Kumar Agarwal today interacted with the public through video call on WhatsApp.

Starting today, people can contact him over WhatsApp video calls from 12 noon to 1 pm on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. The number to contact is 6369100100.

Soon after taking charge on Thursday, Agarwal asked the public to wear masks, follow social distancing and stay indoors during the lockdown.

“It is the duty of police to come out and work. We are using masks, washing our hands and using hand sanitisers. But if you stay indoors we will be more protected. We request public co-operation”, he said.

He said that his focus was to serve the public and work for welfare of police. He said he was going to start a new initiative where the public could come on video calls and tell their grievances instead of coming to the police station.

“A time and date will be fixed for the public to tell their grievances on video call”, he said.

Agarwal said he will be continuing the ‘Third Eye’ project, which is installing CCTV cameras across the city as it has proved to be very useful. As an Additional Commissioner for South, he has been part of the project.


NT Bureau