Congress will not let BJP silence opposition: Ashok Gehlot

File photo of Ashok-Gehlot

Chennai: Rajasthan Chief Minister Ashok Gehlot has said the Congress will not let the BJP succeed in its ploy to silence the opposition.

He wanted to know why the Bharatiya Janata Party leaders are rattled when Rahul Gandhi questions government policies.

“Rahul Gandhi is doing what a responsible opposition leader should do, seek answers, advise and offer cooperation on matters of national importance,” he said.

He added: “Why are the BJP leaders so much rattled whenever Rahul Gandhi questions the government’s wrong policies? What kind of democracy does BJP want- one where nobody sees their mistakes and asks nothing.”

“The INC will not let the BJP succeed in its ploy to silence the opposition,” he said further.

Gehlot said Rahul Gandhi had questioned the quality of ventilators purchased by the government from the PM CARES fund based on objections raised by hospitals and doctors.

“The Central government is putting the lives at risk by purchasing sub-standard ventilators in this fight against coronavirus. NDA govt should not compromise with the health of lakhs of patients and all care should be taken in purchasing critical equipment,” he added.


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