Covid tests cross 1 crore mark in India

New Delhi: The ICMR has said the total number of tests for detection of COVID-19 crossed the 1 crore mark in India on Monday.

Scientist and media coordinator at the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Dr Lokesh Sharma said, “cumulative total of 1,00,04,101 samples have been tested till 11am on Monday with 1,80,596 samples being tested on 5 July.”

He said that there are now 1,105 testing labs in the country, comprising 788 in the public sector and 317 private labs. The per-day testing capacity is also fast growing.

Around 2,00,000 samples have been tested on an average daily for the last 14 days, he added.

Sharma stated, “The per-day testing capacity, which was around 1.5 lakh on 25 May, is more than three lakh per day now. Starting with one single laboratory at the National Institute of Virology (NIV) in Pune and then expanding to 100 laboratories in the beginning of the lockdown, the ICMR on 23 June validated the 1,000th testing laboratory.”

According to the Health Ministry, various steps taken by the Central government have paved the way for enhanced testing for Covid-19.


NT Bureau