Wipro joins Covid-19 fight with surface sanitiser

Chennai: Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting has launched Maxkleen disinfectant surface sanitizer, that ‘ensures 99.9 per cent protection’ against germs and protection against various types of viruses, according to the company.

“In this time of fear and uncertainty, Maxkleen chose to uniquely communicate the proposition through a relatable slice of life narrated in its TVC, highlighting the everyday challenges a mother faces to ensure complete hygiene for her kids. The TVC realistically captures that kidswill be kids who are always up to some mischiefand will touch surfaces with their bare hands, but the mother is relieved as she is equipped with Maxkleen,” said a press release.

The product is now available in two sizes – 500ml at Rs 150 for regular usage at homes and offices, and 125ml at Rs 79 for on-the-go usage.


NT Bureau