At 1.5 million, TN does maximum number of corona tests in India

Chennai: Tamilnadu, which is among the top three Covid-19 hit States in India, stands number one in terms of testings being done on suspected coronavirus cases.

The State has done the maximum number of tests in the country and is nearing 1.5 million, according to estimates.

The number of government labs conducting Covi-19 tests has gone up to 52 from 50. The two new labs authorised to carry out confirmatory virus examination, have been approved at Harur and Erode. In private sector, there are 46 labs and in total, the State has 98 testing centres.

Tamilnadu has also ramped up testing, with 42,369 samples from 41,038 people being tested on Thursday. On Wednesday, the state took 35,979 samples from 34,962 people.

Tamilnadu recorded a spike in the new number of coronavirus cases and crossed the 4,000-mark on Thursday (July 9). The State recorded 4,231 new cases, taking the total number of cases to 1,26,581. The state has 46,652 active cases of Covid-19.

Sixty five people including a 25 day old female baby from Tiruvannamalai succumbed to the disease.


NT Bureau