Covid-19 cases come down in Chennai

Chennai: There seems to be light at the end of the tunnel for the city as the number of Covid-19 numbers are comming down.

Currently the active cases stand at 18,616 (25 per cent) and nearly 55,156 (74 per cent) persons have recovered from the viral infection. Only two places in the city has more than 2,000 coronavirus cases. The death toll stands at 1,196, that is 1.60 per cent.

Kodambakkam has turned into the largest containment zone with 2,383 cases and Anna Nagar has 2,075 patients testing positive.

Teynampet has close to 1,868 cases and Royapuram, which had the highest positive patients now has 1,476 cases. Another hotspot, Tondiarpet currently has 1,464 cases.

Royapuram is showing an impressive recovery rate with 7,820 persons overcoming the viral infection.

Since March, 74,969 people have tested positive. Teynampet has the highest death rate with 177 causalities, followed by Tondiarpet with 174 deaths.


NT Bureau