12 arrested in Thiruporur shoot out case, 11 belong to MLA’s side

Chennai: Three FIRs have been registered in connection with the shoot out at Thiruporur and 12 persons have been arrested.

According to Mamallapuram ASP Sundaravadhanam, out of the 12, 11 are related to Thiruporur DMK MLA, L Idhayavarman (who too has been arrested). The remaining belonged to the opposite side.

Idhayavarman was arrested on Sunday, for allegedly opening fire and injuring a passer-by during a clash over a land dispute.

G Imayamkumar (45), a resident of MCM Nagar, Duraipakkam and a realtor, filed a complaint against 12 persons including Idhayavarman, while Lakshmipathi (73), father of Idhayavarman filed a complaint against Imayamkumar.

Srinivasan, the passerby who suffered a gun shot, also filed a complaint against Idhayavarman.

Police said the rivalry between Idayavarman and Thandavamurthy, Imayamkumar’s brother and an AMMK party worker had been going on for years.

On Saturday, the shootout happened while Thandavamurthy was taking some friends to visit a piece of land. The dispute over the land has been going on for years.

The fight was over a common path to reach the property through Lakshmipathi’s property. Imayamkumar said a few days ago unknown persons damaged the path to the extent that vehicles could not go through, he then levelled the land.

It is said that Lakshmipathi and his men stopped the vehicle and opened fire. Bullets hit the vehicle’s bonnet and shattered a window. A bullet also hit Srinivasan who was walking by.

However, Lakshmipathi and Idhayamvarman told police that Imayamkumar was a land grabber and encroacher.

Police said Srinivasan suffered only minor injuries.


NT Bureau