Actress Divvya Chouksey dies, wrote to fans about it

Mumbai: Actress-singer Divvya Chouksey passed away on Sunday after a prolonged battle with cancer. She was 28.

Director Monjoy Mukerji, who worked with her in her debut film Hai Apna Dil Toh Awara in 2016, Divvya breathed her last in her hometown Bhopal.

“She was suffering from cancer for about one-and-a-half years now. She got cured, but it relapsed after few months. This time she could not come out of it. She passed in her hometown Bhopal,” Monjoy said.

He said Divvya’s death had deeply saddened him as he had several fond memories of working with the actor in his first feature film.

A night before her death, Divvya wrote on her Instagram Story that she was on her “deathbed”.

“Words cannot suffice what I want to convey, the more the less… Since it’s been months am absconded and bombarded with plethora of messages, it’s time I tell you guys, I’m on my deathbed. Sh** happens, I’m strong. Be there another life of non suffering. No questions please, only god knows how much you mean to me,” she said.


NT Bureau