Chilling details about fake SBI branch in Cuddalore

Chennai: Two days after the arrest of a gang which ran a fake State Bank of India branch in Cuddalore district, startling revelations are being made about their motive and modus operandi.

According to sources, Kamal Babu (19), the son of former SBI employee at Panruti, was the brain behind the fake bank. He had brought computers, lockers, challans and forged documents, among other items, to set up the branch through his contacts. A website was even created in the name of the Panruti Bazaar branch.

Police decided to take things into his own hands after he failed to land his dream job at the bank. Babu was arrested along with A Kumar, 42, who printed counterfeit withdrawal and deposit slips, and M Manickam, 52, who made fake rubber stamps.

It is said that Babu’s attempts to get a job in the bank on compassionate grounds after his father’s death in 2007 turned futile as he was a minor then. His mother too was working with the same bank.

According to Panruti Police Inspector Ambedkar, Babu had sent an email to the SBI headquarters pleading for a job on compassionate grounds, but did not get any response.

Following this, he decided to realise his dream of working in a bank by setting up a fake SBI branch at his house. After one of the customers showed the receipt he had acquired from the duplicate branch, the manager and other officials visited the fake branch and were shocked to find the set up similar to that of an original bank branch with all the necessary items.

They immediately lodged a complaint with the Panruti police following which the trio were arredt under sections 473, 469, 484, 109 of the Indian Penal Code.

Meanwhile, a SBI spokesperson said the bank does not have any power to monitor such incidents, and has nothing to do with such fraudsters.


NT Bureau