Govt gives nod to produce affordable Covid-19 test kits

Chennai: New Tech Medical Devices, an Indian firm, started manufacturing indigenous swabs for Covid-19 testing with Corosure produced by IIT Delhi.

According to a press release, Corosure is one of the companies which have received the non exclusive license from IIT Delhi for the probe free RT-PCR based COVID-19 test kit.

“Corosure ramps up production to one million test kits already in hospitals and labs. Newtech Medical Devices expects to manufacture the most affordable real time PCR testing kits for COVID-19 in India. The final kit has two variants and has already rolled out this week .We are anticipating two million kits by next July end,” said K C Sharma, director, Newtech Medical Devices.

Jatin Goyal, managing director, Corosure, said, “we are delighted to have support from all our partners and support our endeavour to fight this virus. Using the unique technology and our expertise in reagent and kit-making, we have ensured an accurate, affordable, Make-in-India kit for the diagnosis of Sars-CoV2 which is a ‘probe-free’ method, and reduces the testing cost without compromising on accuracy. Priced at Rs 431, it is expected to give results in 85 minutes.”


NT Bureau