Large part of media captured by Fascist interests: Rahul Gandhi

Rahul Gandhi

New Delhi: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi has said he would share his views on video about a large part of the Indian news media being ‘captured by fascist interests’.

“Today a large part of the Indian news media has been captured by fascist interests. A hate-filled narrative is being spread by television channels, WhatsApp forwards and false news. This narrative of lies is tearing India apart,” the former Congress president said.

“I want to make our current affairs, history and crises clear and accessible for those interested in the truth. From tomorrow, I’ll be sharing my thoughts with you on video,” he added.

Last month, Rahul tweeted on the Chinese ‘intrusion’ in Ladakh: “The media is muzzled and terrified. The truth seems dormant. But it flows in the blood of every single Indian army officer and soldier. They know exactly what is happening in Ladakh.”

Rahul has been aggressively attacking the Prime Minister Narendra Modi government over its handling of coronavirus and then the border stand-off with China in Ladakh.


NT Bureau