They scale greater heights

Chennai: Healthy mind in a healthy body. Karate is not just a martial art form but also inculcates discipline and help one keep fit.

And two young kids Srivishakan and Sriharini, hailing from Karaikal have carved a niche for themselves excelling in karate not just winning several tourneys but also creating a
world record in Karate by becoming the youngest to win two black belts in Karate.

They have won more than 200 medals in the martial arts. And the biggest feather in their hat is that they were honoured with an honorary doctorate from the International Tamil University recently, here.

Having learnt a variety of martial arts like Karate, Silambam, Yoga, Kick Boxing, Taekwondo, at VRS Martial Academy from Mahakuru VRS. Kumar, from the age of three the duo has won more than 200 medals in Karate including two black belts which is a world record. They were awarded Will Medal of World Records and Will Medal Kids Records.

Their achievement made its entry into Universal Achievers Book of Records and Future Kalam Book of Records.

Their proud father Muruganandam, says, ‘In school, ( Good Shepherd in Karaikal), they are participating in drama, dance, elocation and mental development programmes. Apart from martial arts and education, they are going for chess class.They have acted in the awareness short film named Thakkadi in 2019.’

Ask the kids what their future ambition is, Srivishakan says that he wants to become an IAS Office

Sriharini states that she wants to become specialist in cardiology. ‘My grandfather died due to heart attack. So from that moment, my ambition is only to do medicine course especially in cardiology.’

Ask them how they spend their lockdown says, the twins say, ‘ We do regular practice. Also assist my mother in domestic work. Play indoor games’.

We want to achieve more. Keep winning more and make our country proud, they add.