Titoo to thrill kids

Chennai: Get ready for the whip-smart antics and hilarious shenanigans of a clever boy with a heart of gold. Pogo brings to its fans, a new homegrown animated original ‘Titoo – HarJawaabKaSwaal Hu’ on weekdays at 12:30 pm from 27 July.

‘Titoo – HarJawaabKaSawaal Hu’ is a rip-roaring comedy that follows the daily escapades of eight-year-old Titoo, said a press release, adding: He is a good-hearted, intelligent kid who loves to help everyone, but inadvertently manages to brew even more trouble.

“Titoo’s quintessentially Indian yet wildly eccentric world includes his parents, his loving and protective brother, a faithful gang of friends,all with uniquely quirky personalities. Constant hilarity ensues when the spirited boy who has dubbed himself ‘Titoo the Great’ gets into trouble along with his friends.But, no matter how tricky the situation that Titoo finds himself in, the clever and enterprising boy always has a solution!”

Ahead of the launch, the new kid on the block will be introduced to the world with a catchy title track, penned by Gulzar and music composed by Simaab Sen.


NT Bureau