Chennai: 21% active and 79% recovered cases of Covid-19

Chennai: The city is on the road to recovery from the novel Coronavirus disease. The recovery rate is displaying a good margin of 79 per cent over the active cases.

According to data from Greater Chennai Corporation, currently the active cases stand at 15,814 (21 per cent) and the recovered cases are 62,552 (79 per cent). Only one place in the city has more than 2,000 Coronavirus cases in the city. The death toll stands at 1,295, that is 1.63 per cent.

Kodambakkam continues to be a risk zone with 2,199 cases. The neighbourhood of Anna Nagar, another containment zone has 1,560 patients testing positive.

Teynampet has close to 1,497 cases and Royapuram, which had the highest positive patients now has 1,214 cases. Another hotspot, Tondirapet currently has 1,006 cases.

Royapuram, which has 70 per cent of its population affected, is showing an impressive recovery rate with 8,455 persons overcoming the viral infection.

Nearly 7,252 patients from Tondiarpet have also recovered. As far as fatalities are concerned, Teynampet has the highest with 197 casualties, followed by Tondiarpet with 181 deaths and Royapuram with 171 deaths.


NT Bureau