Everyone needs to be prepared for Covid-19 challenges: Modi

New Delhi: Prime Minister Narendra Modi today said that the coronavirus pandemic has presented new challenges for the world which everyone needs to be prepared for.

Addressing a digital conclave on World Youth Skills Day, he also presented a new mantra for the youth which will help them stay relevant in the time of crisis and empower them.

“This day is dedicated to your skills. The millennial youth’s biggest strength is acquiring new skills,” he said.

“Covid-19 has changed the nature of jobs, and then there is new technology which has impacted our lives too. Our youth have to adopt new skills,” the Prime Minister added.

Stating that it is very important to stay relevant in the current time so that people can not only earn their livelihoods, but also help others too, he added: “The mantra to stay relevant is: Skill, re-skill and upskill.”

“Skill is something that you learn – like building a chair from a piece of wood. You increased the value of the wood by doing some value addition, and to stay relevant, you need to keep adding stuff to it. But it is important to expand our skill further. This is known as upskill,” he added.

“Not only the youth, but anyone can tread the path – learn new things and keep enhancing their skills. This will help make us self-reliant,” he added.



NT Bureau