Experts suggests ways for healthy hair during lockdown

Chennai: The lockdown is slowly being relaxed, but it is going be a while until you feel confident enough to head to a salon. Until then, don’t deprive your hair of the care it needs.

As we learn to get adjusted to the new normal, this is probably the best time to adopt a regular hair care regimen as well.

Apart from staying at home, the most important thing we should do is maintain personal hygiene and stay healthy. If you think that oiling your hair and rinsing it with a shampoo is enough to get beautiful, healthy hair, you may be wrong. Now is the time to indulge in some self-care with an at-home hair care regimen.

According to Shivali Gupte, hair care expert and senior research associate, R&D Center, The Himalaya Drug Company, “It is beneficial to follow an herb-based hair regimen to control hair fall and stimulate hair growth. Along with regular oiling and shampoo, it is ideal to use a good conditioner and a hair cream made from naturally derived ingredients like Bhringaraja and Chickpea, which reduces hair fall and promotes hair growth.”

Shivali suggests simple steps you can follow to get beautiful healthy hair at home. It is a well-known fact that oiling your hair regularly is key to strong and healthy hair.One can opt for a herb-based anti-hair fall hair oil which contains the goodness of Bhringaraja and Amalaki. These ingredients ensure that your hair is well-nourished,help reduce hair fall and stimulate hair growth.

Massaging the scalp can help yourde-stress by enhancing blood flow to the hair follicles and thereby strengthening the roots. Choosing a right shampoo also plays an integral part in ensuring good hair health.

Look for a shampoo that is mild yet effective with gentle conditioning properties. Including an anti-hair fall conditioner in your hair wash routine helps nourish, fortify, and improve the texture of your hair.


NT Bureau