To avoid Kasimedu becoming Koyambedu, strict restrictions to be imposed

Chennai: In a bid to prevent people storming Kasimedu in large numbers, the Tamilnadu government has announced general public would not be allowed to enter the fishing harbour to buy fish as part of anti-Covid measures.

Officials said the decision has been taken to prevent Kasimedu from becoming a cluster like Koyambedu vegetable and fruits market. Several regulations like a fixed time slot for sale byfishermen to vendors between 3 am and 8 am have been introduced at Kasimedu against the background of people thronging the harbour to buy fish often flouting anti-Covid norms like social distancing.

Fisheries Minister D Jayakumar said that as per decisions taken at a high-level meeting in which top officials and representatives of mechanised boats association and traders took part, only 50 to 70 boats would be allowed per day to set out for fishing from the Kasimedu harbour.

“The general public shall not be allowed to enter the harbour under any circumstances to buy fish,” he said and added that permission would be given only to 50 mechanised boats to sell their catch at the fish landing site and sale by fishermen to vendors shall be confined to five hours from 3 am to 8 am.

Traders would be allowed to enter the harbour only in batches of 150 people and only after a group returned followingpurchase, another batch may proceed.

Those operating mechanised boats should not put up their catch for sale in the vicinity of fishermen working on catamarans, Jayakumar said.


NT Bureau