Ready to store data locally: TikTok tells govt

Chennai: Amid reports that India was planning to ban more apps, TikTok, which is already facing ban in the country, has informed the country that it is ready to store data locally.

According to reports, it has told the government that it is ready to set up data centres in India to store user information locally even as it denied any breach of user privacy and integrity. It also emphasised that its operations always adhered to local laws and regulations.

After banning 59 Chinese applications recently, the Indian government has banned 47 more apps of Chinese origin in the country. Reports have claimed that the 47 banned Chinese apps were operating as clones of the earlier banned apps.

Also, it is said India has also prepared a list of 257 apps including PubG that it will examine for any user privacy or national security violations.

The new list of 275 apps that might face the heat soon, including major apps like mobile gaming sensation PubG backed by Tencent, Zili by Xiaomi and Alibaba group’s shopping portal AliExpress.

The various government agencies have been working on drafting rules to define the framework for apps. Those in violation of the rules could be banned. The measures are aimed to boos cybersecurity and protecting data of Indians.


NT Bureau