‘Technology has helped farming’

Chennai: Adoption of science and technology in all aspects of life has been the hallmark of modern civilisation. We expect technology to address challenges and make our lives easier, the same holds true for technological intervention in farming.

The farmers use technology to smoothen the process of field preparation by mechanisation and improve efficiency of farm inputs, be it pesticide or bio stimulant coated seeds, controlled irrigation and nutrient inputs or fertigation.

Field monitoring and data analysis, done onsite or remotely, can also help in managing a healthy crop using appropriate nutrient supplements and pest control methods as and when required.

Mechanisation is also extensively used for harvesting and processing the produce for the market. Market access can also be accessed remotely using digital platforms like e-nam, m-Kisan, Kisan Suvidha and Pusa Krishi for weather forecasts, all possible pre- and post-harvest needs, transactions and financial needs.

Dr Shivendra Bajaj, executive director, Federation of Seed Industry of India, said, technology has also positively impacted crop related research and plant breeding with extensive sequencing and phenotyping of plants.

Our knowledge of geneticsand gene function has increased the efficiency of breeding and selection of desired traits. Agronomic data has been collected by farmers and plant breeders for decades for various crops and recent advances have allowed breeders access to genetic information, he said.


NT Bureau