Editorial: Do more tests

Union Health Ministry has said that India’s coronavirus testing infrastructure has increased to as many as 1370 labs now from just one lab operatonal in January 2020.

The Union Ministry of Health and Family Welfare said that the increased set up of its testing infrastructure has helped India in successfully conducting over two crore Covid-19 tests.

Expanded diagnostic lab network and facilitation for easy testing across the country has given a boost and India has done more than two crore tests at present.

The progressively increasing daily new recoveries are due to a focused attention on surveillance, containment and effective clinical management. India created a network of Covid Dedicated Hospitals to manage the cases, the Ministry said.

Effective quarantine is essential for tackling the coronavirus and this cannot happen without extensive testing for covid-19, says World Health Organisation assistant director general Bruce Aylward.

According to Aylward, several countries have responded well to the coronavirus outbreak. “South Korea have been pretty rigorous about testing all the suspect cases and finding all the contacts.” More tests is the need of the hour.


NT Bureau