Rajnath Singh promised a ‘bang’ but ended with a ‘whimper’: Chidambaram

Chennai: The Congress has played down Defence Minister Rajnath Singh’s announcement on the import embargo on defence equipment, saying it was only ‘high sounding jargon’ and that ‘aatmanirbhar bharat’ was merely a slogan.

Senior Congress leader P Chidambaram said Rajnath promised a bang on a Sunday morning but ended with a whimper.

“The only importer of defence equipment is the Defence Ministry. Any import embargo is really an embargo on oneself,” he said.

What the Defence Minister said in his ‘historic Sunday announcement’ deserved only an office order from the Minister to his secretaries, Chidambaram said in a series of tweets.

“Import embargo is high sounding jargon. What it means is we will try to make the same equipment (that we import today) in 2 to 4 years and stop imports thereafter!” the former Union Home and Finance Minister said.

Congress spokesperson Abhishek Singhvi also criticised Rajnath Singh for dubbing the import restrictions as a push to achieve a self-reliant India, saying there was a “big difference between claims and reality.”


NT Bureau