Covid: Public health facilities overburdened to handle patients

Chennai: As coronavirus cases continue to rise, public health facilities are overburdened to take care of the large number of patients.

Earlier this year, Niti Aayog called upon non-profits and citizen volunteers to be a part of India’s fight against Covid-19.

To tackle the challenges imposed by the current coronavirus crisis, Echo India, a healthcare non-profit, in association with, has virtually launched a unique initiative- Covid Healthcare Professionals (CHP).

The initiative aims to bridge the demand and access gap between highly skilled health professionals and healthcare facilities to manage and contain increasing Covid cases across India.

The initiative is committed towards playing a vital role in the country’s battle against the coronavirus outbreak by deploying trained healthcare professionalsat healthcare facilities that are facing a shortage of skilled professionals to meet the several challenges emerging out of Covid -19.

Dr (Col) Kumud Rai, chairman and managing trustee, Echo India said, “we have been instrumental towards building nation’s capacity in the areas of healthcare and education. In the midst of this ongoing pandemic, we are witnessing a huge gap between available healthcare professionals and rapid spread of the disease.”


NT Bureau