Rahul Gandhi’s suggestion to Centre

Chennai: Congress leader Rahul Gandhi today urged the Centre to implement the government’s rural employment guarantee scheme and his party’s ‘Nyuntam Aay Yojana’ (NYAY) as an economic measure for the poor in urban and rural areas of the country amid the ongoing crisis triggered by the coronavirus outbreak.

Taking to Twitter, he talked about the Mahatma Gandhi National Rural Employment Guarantee Scheme (MGNREGA) as well as NYAY, a minimum income guarantee scheme proposed by the Congress party as a promise ahead of the Lok Sabha elections last year.

“The implementation of schemes like MGNREGA for the victims of unemployment in cities and NYAY for the poor people across the country is necessary. It will also be very beneficial for the economy,” he posted.

He also attached a graph showing the growth in the demand for jobs under MGNREGA from May 2013 to the corresponding month this year.


NT Bureau