Vow to end violence towards children

Chennai:When love is denied to a child, they grow up into damaged humanbeings. Healing and returning children to their innocence is the dharma of every parent and educator, said Sri Preethaji.

She and Sri Krishnaji are the co-creators of Ekam, Asia’s largest pillarless meditation space built in marble to impact world consciousness. Ekam World Peace Festival is a seven-day online international celebration of peace they have created. The idea is that collective meditation by millions can restore peace in human consciousness .

Preethaji said, “More than a quarter of our world’s population, over two and a half billion people are under the age of 18. Sadly, among these two and half billion young individuals, a billion have suffered abuse in some form. Children are our future. We have already wounded the present and we have hurt the future. How can the future of the earth be peaceful if we continue to hurt children?”

She added: “Healing the hearts of young people is crucial because they would either remain victims for the rest of their life or become perpetrators of violence themselves.The only way to heal them is by healing ourselves of insensitivity. When we participate in healing the young of the world we create peaceful beings who then go onto creating a peaceful world. Peace is not meekness; it is Himalayan strength.”


NT Bureau