Seeing green shoots in some segments: Tata Motors

New Delhi: Automobile major Tata Motors sees green shoots in some segments but remains cautious about the long-term sustainability of such demand, said its MD and CEO Guenter Butschek.

We are seeing green shoots in some segments of the auto industry, and I do hope that it heralds the dawn of a new era, he said while speaking at the 60th ACMA Annual Session, which was held virtually.

However, I remain cautious about the prospect of its long-term sustenance in the absence of an overall economic recovery. Plus, the challenges from Covid-19 are continuing, which can possibly create more intermittent disruptions.

Besides, he said: Times like this remind us that you are a unique fraternity; if any one of you falls, OEM production is stopped and it further affects hundreds of you. If any of our competitors fail, it impacts hundreds of you and so on, as the spiralling circle of impact continues.


NT Bureau